The road to marriage...

Just days following the second anniversary of my near-fatal motorcycle accident, my room mate Glenn (top left) and I, along with my friend Rick (lower left), paid a visit to the apartment of Rick's girlfriend.  Apparently feeling that we needed some female companionship, Rick introduced us to his girlfriend's (reportedly) two hot room mates, Kathy (top right) and Lorainne (lower right)

Our mission was simple... have a few drinks, engage in some light but witty conversation and hopefully entice these girls into lowering their moral standards enough to let us spend the night.

After several hours, the two roommates went to bed - alone.  Glenn and Rick wound up playing video games till 3:30 in the morning while I spent the entire evening putting the moves on Rick's girlfriend, Fran.

To my surprise, I learned that Fran was not really Rick's girlfriend but just a "friend."  Not wasting any time, I called Fran the next day for a date.  But before I could finish getting the question out of my mouth, her phone dropped and all I could her her yelling was "Oh my God - Oh my God!"   Was this woman hot for me or what?

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Jump ahead two weeks...

Continuing to seize on opportunities, Glenn and I split as room mates and I moved in with Fran.  As it turned out, Lorainne and Kathy didn't mind because I was the only one (out of 4 people) who knew how to cook.  Things couldn't be any better - I reduced my deficit spending while assuring myself of an always available (and relatively sober) sexual partner.  But underneath it all, strange things were beginning to take place.  I began thinking more of Fran than of me.  What the hell was wrong with me?  

Jump ahead two more weeks - insanity sets in...
If anybody wanted to make a bet that I would be engaged to a girl I knew less than a month, I would have questioned their level of sobriety.
Hell, I never even dated a girl more than twice!

And to make matters worse... I even had to provide entertainment at my own engagement party.  (p.s. That's my dad playing drums behind me)

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We narrowed down the date of "nuptualization" to the first or second week in December.  But picking the actual the date was going to be a whole lot trickier.  I opted for December 7th, the anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. 

I saw an interesting bit of historical irony here but future-wife's parents saw no humor in that.  We wound up settling on Saturday, December 2. 

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So, just a mere six months after meeting and moving in with woman of my dreams, Barrie Francene Weiner and I officially tied the knot, thus legitimizing our unholy lifestyle.

We all know that weddings are for the parents.   Neither Fran nor I really wanted to go through rigors of a public spectacle like a wedding but we gave in to the wishes of our parents.  I figured that I could put up with the watered down drinks and the endless harangue of blue hairs pinching your cheek for a few hours.  And the good thing was... we got lots of really nice, cashable checks by the end of the evening.

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