Andy's Professional Side...
1974 - Within 6 months of tying the knot, Fran and I knew we needed to get the hell out of Miami.  Living so close to both sets of parents was not doing our marriage any good.  So, with the flip of a coin we headed for Atlanta Georgia.

Opportunity knocked when the NCR Corporation hired me to design and sell business forms in support of their mainframe computer systems.  But news of my old guitar and singing abilities leaked out.  I became the resident entertainment at many sales and team building meetings.

Entertaining the troops

80 - Humana1.jpg (62474 bytes) 1975 - Just after only one year in Atlanta, I was making quite a name for myself with the brass at NCR.   Back at the home office, key corporate executives, recognizing good talent when they saw it, offered me a position to head up their new Forms Management Department in Dayton Ohio.  "Dayton where?"  

And after five long years in Dayton, the two good things that came out of this tour of duty was a significant cost reduction for the company and the birth of my first son Sean.

1980 -  In June, I was approached by hospital giant Humana, to set up a Forms Management department for their organization.  A hefty increase in salary helped make the relocation decision and easy one.  Goodbye Dayton - Hello Louisville.

In 1986, I decided to strike out on my own, say goodbye to Corporate America and start my own consulting company... Creative Consultants.  \It was here that I developed a keen appreciation for what businesses go through to "stay alive".  In retrospect, I'm very thankful I made this decision but the financial "roller-coaster" one endures when you are self employed can be quite an eye opener.

1980 - Humana Inc.

1990 - A Florida-based software company (BLOC Development)  heard of my successes in the area of Forms Management.  They were creating new software aimed at "automating" the forms design and forms filling process.  They asked me to consult at their Coral Gables headquarters and to assist them in the development of their new "forms automation" software product.

By the end of my first week, they made me an offer to join their company.  All I had to do was return to my native state (which I swore never to do) and embark on a completely new career path.  I decided to go for it!!

1992 - In just two short years, life in the fast lane, replete with the promises of wealth and financial excess, came to a screeching halt when my employer announced major cuts in the company's overhead. 

The writing was on the wall.  If I didn't act swiftly and decisively,  I would be left out in the cold, counting my mountain of worthless (and ever growing) stock options.  In June of that year, I resurrected Creative Consultants.

The main difference now is - through  my association with this company, I was now able to provide a much more comprehensive list of consulting services.  I was infinitely more marketable.

In late 1994, with my old employer near financial death, a new owner, eager to resurrect its flaccid finances, entices me into rejoining his NEW and IMPROVED company.  Once again, mesmerized by great opportunities, I give up the freedom of Creative Consultants to join F3 Software.  The only problem - I had to move from Florida to Boston Massachusetts. 

Click to read the INFAMOUS F3 Obituary

1995 - Boston was a nice place to live so long as you didn't mind winters which lasted nine months and permanent traffic jams.  The work was good.  Very exciting.  We were living on the edge and I loved it.  Although my life was spent (mostly) in airports, I really enjoyed what` I was doing.  But by the time my first year ended as a Bostonian, I was beginning to have a very uneasy feeling about my decision to move.

his (so called) new and improved company of mine was showing serious signs that it was going to fail.   The same cancer that caused the death of its predecessor had taken control of the new one.  

F3 was going down for the final time and I decided that enough was enough... read The F3 Obituary...

1997 -  A new opportunity had presented itself to me in Charlotte North Carolina that was just too good to pass up.  I joined First Union National Bank to head up a new project designed to eliminate the glut of paper business forms used by the company.  The job has great potential and it allows me to bring to the table all the skills I have acquired through the years. 

My association with First Union, which later became Wachovia which then became Wells Fargo, ended in August 2008 when I ask for and received a package to retire from the company.  All I can say is FREAKING AWESOME!

New Years Day - 1998
And if working for First Union was not reward enough, living in Charlotte North Carolina is the other reason.   Playing golf on News Years day is quickly becoming an Andy Browne tradition.  That is definitely a "no can do" if I were still in Boston.

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