Hey Little Honda...

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On Thursday afternoon, July 21, 1971, fate dealt me a near fatal blow.  While driving a 1971 Honda through one of Miami's less than desirable neighborhoods, an old Chevy pulled out from a side street to make a left turn.  The driver only made two mistakes... never looked left for any oncoming traffic and never completed the left turn.  The stupid driver just stopped her car right in the middle of traffic - just as I approached!   I had no alternative but to slam into the left side of her car at 45 miles per hour. 

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Click the pic to get really grossed out!

I hit with such force that both my wrists were pulverized and sustained massive trauma to my left leg.  My helmet and left arm broke the car's rear window.   Flipping end-over-end, my limp body landed 57 feet north of the crash site having NEVER lost consciousness.

The doctors said I was lucky to be alive.  I  broke just about every bone in my body except for my skull, pelvis and spine and after months of hospitalization and intensive physical therapy, the doc's gave me my walking papers (literally).

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